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About Warehouse 84

Creating spaces that bring people together

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Our mission

Our mission is to create a community that clients can trust and welcome into their home.

We’re proud to work in collaboration with like minded talented trades to offer superior service, unlimited support and detailed craftsmanship to clients looking to renovate and achieve their dream space. 

Hi everyone I'm


I am so happy to meet you and looking forward to having the opportunity to share my experience with you.

I have 20+ years of experience in visual design, custom renovations, and business coaching that I love sharing. My coaching and successful business experience have taught me how to manage teams, trades, and projects with ease. My creativity loves transforming spaces with innovative materials to create unique experiences for everyone to enjoy.


With a background in design, business, and renovating homes for 20+ years, W84 was born to help people navigate renovations and provide project management support. We want every client to feel valued and informed throughout the process, so we make sure they understand each stage and can comfortably ask questions.


Our project management service provides support from conception to completion, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail while minimizing stress. Let us elevate your renovation experience with our educational business process

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I'm here for the

good the bad and the ugly

I can happily say that I have lived through the good the bad and the ugly of Renos personally and professionally with clients to know first hand that renovations can upset life as you know it.  Setting real time expectations of living without a kitchen will mean paper plates for weeks or washing dished in the bath tub and being without a bathroom can mean the difference of going to work freshly showered or with a fresh coffee as you juggle a household getting ready for the day with a renovation.  

Life in renovations is what we do and having experienced it all my team and I are here to guide you in planning, design, layout and finishes so that we can help mitigate the inconveniences, keep the schedule moving forward and give you the guidance to avoid some of the costly mistakes that can present themselves when not prepared.  We are here for you, we are your support, your sounding board, your friend and confidant.  We are the extra element that will build the success of your Reno and your investment.


I live by

"Believe in yourself, speak the truth and share your knowledge unconditionally. I believe we all have talents to share and there is room for everyone. My community is one of inclusivity, constant development and empowering others to make each day better than today."

~ Leslie Groves ~

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