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Leslies the owner of warehouse 84 leaning against a walk with her laptop

Project Management

Already in a renovation and need our help or just getting started?

Let us be your

eye and ears and your direct line of communication. 

Renovations take hours of planning and hours of design time and only minutes for something to go wrong. 


It’s important to have someone looking out for your best interest, someone familiar with the schedule, trades, scope of work and someone that can be present.  We know balancing life/work/family schedules can leave you unavailable or distracted daily and this can ultimately cost you. 


Our team prides itself in providing exceptional communication, up to date planning, and step by step processes so that you can enjoy each day of your renovation and still enjoy life.

Our Process



Discovery call to assess the status of the project and gage our level of involvement.


Site visit to review the project, identify goals and translate ideas into actions.


Design review to present our proposed scope of work that will include all renovations, innovative solutions for layout and traffic flow, and recommendations for final finishes.


Project Management - this phase will ensure you have the trades and materials needed to keep the project on budget and on schedule while executing the updates to your new space.  We will be in touch or on site each day to manage to flow and keep momentum going.


Finishing touches means finalizing each aspect of scope of work, final inspections and deficiencies.

Our Favourite Projects

Redesigning the way you live.

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